The adrenaline rush of a trade show

For the first time in while I attended The Makeup Show NYC.  Oh how I’ve missed it so.  Usually time gets away from or travel renders me unavailable for the dates.  There continue to be some vendors that are staples like MAC and Makeup Forever; then there were some beauty and cosmetic emporiums like Ricky’s NYC and Nigel who aim to fulfill an artists dream.  In addition to my facial talents I pride myself on being a brand ambassador which is much of the work that I do here. As I struggle to find the words to explain Just. How. Excited. I. Get…. about makeup I am truly thankful for each and every brand that fights for a place to entice us professionals.

The best way to get through this is to just put it all out there, brand by brand and share some of the amazzzzz-balls products out there.  Let us jump right in:

  • Glamcor- they make these AMAZING mirrors with HD lights.  If you want to develop a YouTube channel with tutorials, you need this.  They have a stand that you can attach a cell phone, tablet or camera to.  The lights are bright and eliminate shadows.  Great to achieve amazing beauty looks and make it easy to apply makeup anywhere.  I didn’t purchase one this time because honestly I just could not carry it but I will have one very soon.  Tempted to put a tip jar out to get me started.  This was one of the most innovative products I saw.  ENDORSED!
  • Alcone- a professional artists dream.  They offer essentials in BULK.  I have to say the customer service goes a long way.  I have been to the brick and mortar location in New York City but their location at The Makeup Show had all the things that I keep on hand to keep my look flawless.
  • Smashbox- amazing service as a vendor.  This makes them worth engaging.  The priming water makes sponge application a breeze.
  • Zuca- wheeled bags and travel cases.  Spacious and compact.  Lots of pockets to haul all the products and some tools for a busy MUA or hairstylist.
  • KatVonD- a brand on the rise.  They offer a depth of shades in foundation which makes them attractive to women across ethnicity and race.  I snagged a double sided blush/highlighter brush.  
  • Inglot- Duraline, if you want makeup that DOES NOT MOVE, this is a must get.  I’ve tried it once but event season has arrived so I will make great use of this in the months ahead.  

I have several additional items to talk about but I am still playing with my new found goodies.  

This will be continued and I would like to warn you all that next up is PRIMERS…

Micellar water 

As promised I’m talking about the alleged all in one face product. So far I’ve noticed that they are generally reasonably priced. Today I am able to report on the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water Waterproof and Vichy Purete Thermale. 

I began with the Garnier and honestly it does a good job with a few easy swipes of an oval pad to remove my makeup. Truth be told I wear A LOT because I love the flexibility of different looks. I must say it even removed a stubborn matte liquid lipstick and I mean STUBBORN. I have no greasy/oily residue after using this formula even though it is designed to remove waterproof makeup. Since I am prone to inflammation I am always compelled to do more cleansing. If I must confess I would use this on a lazy late night and skip my extra wash. Since this is considered a drugstore brand it can surely hold hits own. If I had to choose now I would say this product is ENDORSED! 

Now on to the Vichy product. I tried this a few times this weekend to remove makeup and tonight before I put on my sheet mask. I really like the ease of this cleansing water. It’s barely any work cleaning my face. My face felt really clean but because I am also on the dryer side during the change of seasons I immediately followed up with my night cream. I was skeptical of this would work or was I drawn to the name and packaging. It definitely works, no gimmicks here. This product is also ENDORSED! 

Still to come are the industry leader Bioderma, La Roche Posay and Model Co. Bioderma should be delivered this week. I will be sure to weigh in on it because I am headed to a trade show and will need a quick way to remove looks between vendors without drying out my skin. This will be a great opportunity for me to drag this product along. 

In case you can’t tell I LIVE for these moments. 

Next Up, Micellar cleansing water 

For everyone that has been patient with me during the past two weeks I say thank you. I’ve been working on some branding strategies. This has required my full attention and lots of sweat equity. I am still here and I have no intentions of going anywhere anytime soon. 
Next review and possible endorsement coming this weekend. The science behind this cleansing water and its results are kind of impressive. 

I will also be providing some amazing feedback and an endorsement for Boscia items. 

What’s to come…

This amazing #beautyhaul is just a preview of things to come.  Some call them first impressions but I use review.  Some of these products are in heavy rotation in my daily routine while others are new to try.  I should probably confess that writing here has given me the gusto to try things that I’ve not been bold enough to try now.  I’m talking about loose pigments held by adhesive and glitter 🙃. I’ve already raved about my favorite primer Hourglass mineral primer, if you missed it).  While these would be considered premium and luxury brands I am working on quite a few things for a drug store #beautyhaul which will highlight some of the usual favs and many secrets.  Please also know that Morphe will be in heavy review as I just received my first palette and now have a brush subscription (yes, I plan to review this services).

I strive to provide an unbiased opinion and assessment of the products that I come across.


Beauty Splurge

Yesterday I went to Sephora to touch lots of things and do some testing.  I haven’t spent so much time there in a really long time.  I was able to really delve into Hourglass and learn so new things.  I purchased the Mineral Primer and I have to say that this product might have revolutionized the industry.  It is a primer that makes makeup sweat and waterproof.  Every piece of tissue that touches your face will no longer look like you need a bath.  When the temperature is rising you will no longer have to worry about horrible streaking due to lines of sweat.  Hourglass you have been the magician that I have been longing for with this primer.  Another bonus is that it comes in a travel size so you don’t have to fight to find a container small enough to travel.  This is certainly essential to folks on the move such as myself. 

While I am living you all are learning.  The world of beauty is every changing which is a parallel to life itself.  

I’ve been distracted 

These lashes arrived and I love the packaging. I’ve been playing with the bottom lashes because let’s face it. I love the old Liza and Barbara looks. Can’t wait to review these House of Lashes. Still awaiting the arrival of the mink lashes that are on back order. Since I’m planning to talk about lashes rest assured that I will be giving updates about the various adhesives. 

Clean face makes for a beautiful canvas 

My daily skin routine has been a frequent request for everyone that knows I enjoy an artful face daily. If I had to select a focal point of the cleansing routine it would be the night time use of Shu Umera Cleansing Oil. I’ve been using this for more than 10 years. This brand is one of the first to have a cleansing oil on the market. The different formulations help to address multiple skincare needs. This product is non stripping so my skin doesn’t feel parched and dry. 

I use this to fully remove all make-up. It reminds me of the cleaning effects of “cold cream” without the thickness and weight. It also foams up once water is added to help the oil bind to the grit and grime and wash it away. 

While the sponges do an amazing job with application this oil helps me reverse the flawless effects of a well applied look. 

The routine is complete with eye serum or eye cream depending on what’s going on with my skin (Northeast weather or allergies), a serum and night cream. For my lips I use Aquaphor overnight to lock in moisture and keep chapped lips away. 

Seriously, this oil is hands down the best of the many that I’ve tried. Believe me as a product endorser I’ve tried many. No brand even comes close to this.