Bask & Bloom Essentials

Another brand that has stolen my heart and my hair is Bask&Bloom Essentials.  All of the products that I have tried have a high end feel to them.  The aroma of naturally sourced products helps to tie everything together.

Before I highlight what I have tried and my reaction I must say the scents from this product line seem to work in tandem to relax.  With blends of ginger and orange or including lavender each applications feels like an escape.

I have applied the hair products to my daughter’s hair on wash day and in-between and she loves the outcome.  I also apply the hair oil and cremes between washes when restyling and the results are amazing.  My daughter complains of less dry and itchy scalp.  De-tangling and styling is a streamlined process.

Personally I hide out in my bathroom to apply the nourishing amazon hair and body butter.  It has a soft bouncy texture.  It glides on and melts into my skin.  I have tried the Berry and Ginger Orange scent and they leave me feeling refreshed.  Yes, it also moisturizes.

So here is what I have tried (its a lot, you’ve been warned!)

  • Nourishing Amazon Hair and Body Butter- I’ve already talked about how amazing this product is.  Bouncy, soft and heaven to apply.
  • More Moisture Cream- This product helps to define and lock in moisture.  This really shows off my curl pattern.  It helps hair spiral into its natural curl pattern.
  • Brahmi Root Hair Masque- A healthy dose of nutrients and moisturizing.  Thick and whipped.  I leave this on under my Hot Head Thermal Heat Cap for a deep condition that doesn’t require me to sit in one spot for an extended period of time.
  • Mango Castor Twisting Cream- This is a favorite of my daughter.  It keeps her twisted styles in place.
  • Ease Leave-In Conditioner- A great leave in product.  No greasy residue.  No crunch and certainly no flaking.  It has a creamy texture that is quickly absorbed into hair.
  • Stimulating Hair Oil- This oil is great for sealing ends when using protective styling.  I use this on my scalp to prevent flaking due to my frequent washing during the week.  Some might prefer a heavier hair oil for the scalp.

Check them out on their website or on Instagram.

As always I am sharing my unsolicited and unbiased opinion on any products I can get my hands on (mostly make-up, some hair products and then whatever sparks my interest).  #one2paintface #MUA #brandambassador



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