The adrenaline rush of a trade show

For the first time in while I attended The Makeup Show NYC.  Oh how I’ve missed it so.  Usually time gets away from or travel renders me unavailable for the dates.  There continue to be some vendors that are staples like MAC and Makeup Forever; then there were some beauty and cosmetic emporiums like Ricky’s NYC and Nigel who aim to fulfill an artists dream.  In addition to my facial talents I pride myself on being a brand ambassador which is much of the work that I do here. As I struggle to find the words to explain Just. How. Excited. I. Get…. about makeup I am truly thankful for each and every brand that fights for a place to entice us professionals.

The best way to get through this is to just put it all out there, brand by brand and share some of the amazzzzz-balls products out there.  Let us jump right in:

  • Glamcor- they make these AMAZING mirrors with HD lights.  If you want to develop a YouTube channel with tutorials, you need this.  They have a stand that you can attach a cell phone, tablet or camera to.  The lights are bright and eliminate shadows.  Great to achieve amazing beauty looks and make it easy to apply makeup anywhere.  I didn’t purchase one this time because honestly I just could not carry it but I will have one very soon.  Tempted to put a tip jar out to get me started.  This was one of the most innovative products I saw.  ENDORSED!
  • Alcone- a professional artists dream.  They offer essentials in BULK.  I have to say the customer service goes a long way.  I have been to the brick and mortar location in New York City but their location at The Makeup Show had all the things that I keep on hand to keep my look flawless.
  • Smashbox- amazing service as a vendor.  This makes them worth engaging.  The priming water makes sponge application a breeze.
  • Zuca- wheeled bags and travel cases.  Spacious and compact.  Lots of pockets to haul all the products and some tools for a busy MUA or hairstylist.
  • KatVonD- a brand on the rise.  They offer a depth of shades in foundation which makes them attractive to women across ethnicity and race.  I snagged a double sided blush/highlighter brush.  
  • Inglot- Duraline, if you want makeup that DOES NOT MOVE, this is a must get.  I’ve tried it once but event season has arrived so I will make great use of this in the months ahead.  

I have several additional items to talk about but I am still playing with my new found goodies.  

This will be continued and I would like to warn you all that next up is PRIMERS…


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