Bask & Bloom Essentials

Another brand that has stolen my heart and my hair is Bask&Bloom Essentials.  All of the products that I have tried have a high end feel to them.  The aroma of naturally sourced products helps to tie everything together.

Before I highlight what I have tried and my reaction I must say the scents from this product line seem to work in tandem to relax.  With blends of ginger and orange or including lavender each applications feels like an escape.

I have applied the hair products to my daughter’s hair on wash day and in-between and she loves the outcome.  I also apply the hair oil and cremes between washes when restyling and the results are amazing.  My daughter complains of less dry and itchy scalp.  De-tangling and styling is a streamlined process.

Personally I hide out in my bathroom to apply the nourishing amazon hair and body butter.  It has a soft bouncy texture.  It glides on and melts into my skin.  I have tried the Berry and Ginger Orange scent and they leave me feeling refreshed.  Yes, it also moisturizes.

So here is what I have tried (its a lot, you’ve been warned!)

  • Nourishing Amazon Hair and Body Butter- I’ve already talked about how amazing this product is.  Bouncy, soft and heaven to apply.
  • More Moisture Cream- This product helps to define and lock in moisture.  This really shows off my curl pattern.  It helps hair spiral into its natural curl pattern.
  • Brahmi Root Hair Masque- A healthy dose of nutrients and moisturizing.  Thick and whipped.  I leave this on under my Hot Head Thermal Heat Cap for a deep condition that doesn’t require me to sit in one spot for an extended period of time.
  • Mango Castor Twisting Cream- This is a favorite of my daughter.  It keeps her twisted styles in place.
  • Ease Leave-In Conditioner- A great leave in product.  No greasy residue.  No crunch and certainly no flaking.  It has a creamy texture that is quickly absorbed into hair.
  • Stimulating Hair Oil- This oil is great for sealing ends when using protective styling.  I use this on my scalp to prevent flaking due to my frequent washing during the week.  Some might prefer a heavier hair oil for the scalp.

Check them out on their website or on Instagram.

As always I am sharing my unsolicited and unbiased opinion on any products I can get my hands on (mostly make-up, some hair products and then whatever sparks my interest).  #one2paintface #MUA #brandambassador



Oyin Handmade Hair and Body Products

I learned of this brand late in 2017 and I began using their products.  After almost six months of use I decided its about time I write a review.  Oyin Handmade is a line of natural hair and body products.  They include a newly emerging line of beard care (I have not tried anything from the beard line.  I would like to talk about the items I have tried.

  • Whipped Shea Butter- DEFINITELY moisturizes.  This kept my usually dry and peeling skin in check.  I tried the unscented version.  I will admit that I probably should have order one of the scents.  It would have made for a more luxurious moisturizing process.
  • No Ash At All- this is the brands lotion.  This is an amazingly rich product.  Initially I was using too much product and I had difficulty rubbing it into my skin.  Since I have scaled back the amount I have been using and it is a great fortifier against dry skin.
  • After bath oil- I Love this product.  It has a slightly thicker texture than other bath oil products.  I love to use this at night or on a day when I will just lay around and I can let my oil seep into my skin.
  • Boing- This is a curl defining styling product.  I did define my curls.  I found that my hair looked amazing when I layered this with the burnt sugar pomade.  My hair had a very light hold with some curl definition.
  • Juices and Berries- This is a spray used to moisturize dry hair.  I usually use this product to prep my hair for re-styling.  This helps add nutrients and allows me to prep my hair for a new protective style.
  • Burnt Sugar Pomade- This is a sweet raw sugar scented product used to add moisture and shine.  The texture can feel a little greasy however when applied to my slightly damp hair it allows my hair to dry soft and shiny.  Smelling sweet is always a plus.
  • Grand Poo Bar- By far my least favorite product out of the many items I have tried.  I was just under-whelmed by this shampoo bar.  It left my hair clean however I did not identify any added benefits.  For now I will stick to what  I have been using to cleanse my hair.
  • Honey Hemp Moisturizing Conditioner- This is the “bomb dot com!”  I use this conditioner to de-tangle my hair prior to applying my deep conditioner as well as for a quick in shower conditioning treatment.  The scent is delicate and calming.  It gives great slip for the de-tangle process.  This product is a great foundation for the application of other styling products on top of it.

On a more personal level I had an issue with one of my online orders and the response that I received to my customer inquiry was swift.  The issue was resolved and I continue to be a committed client of the brand.

In an ever expanding world of natural products this brand is certainly raising the bar.

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As always, my unsolicited and unbiased opinion on the things I experience.  #one2paintface #MUA #brandambassador

The Makeup Show NYC

On Sunday, May 6, 2018 I attended the The Makeup Show NYC which was hosted by The Powder Group.  I have been attending this annual event for several years; this year featured more luxury brands.  I attended on a mission and I got a surprise.  For those of you on the makeup circuit there are some staple brands that are always available.  For the first time in NYC were Marc Jacobs BeautyHourglass Cosmetics and Pat McGrath Labs.  There was lastly a true stunner, the re-launch of the pro program from Stila Cosmetics.  With more luxury under one roof than I have ever seen anywhere I felt like my life had come full circle.  To anyone on the beauty scene, having the mother of beauty Pat McGrath Labs present made it a red carpet event for sure.  Hourglass brought its American based luxury presence to the party.  At Marc Jacobs Beauty it was more like a boutique experience.  The new shade of coconut dew drops was only available via online order (yes I did order the new, darker shade) was slightly disappointing.  Overall all I would say this continues to be one of my favorite events.  The pro only aspect continues to set this show above others.  Being among other professionals creates an opportunity for networking.  In addition to the amazing seminars from industry pros there is vision all around.

I plan to do a special post for the products that I snagged during my visit.  Stay tuned for my review of the Smith Folio (new smaller size).  This is a total game changer.  Travel just got easier.

As always, I give my unsolicited and unbiased opinion on yet another aspect of beauty.