Another Trade Show

As is customary Spring is the time of year when makes-up trade shows abound in NYC.  A few weeks ago was IMATS and this past weekend was The Makeup Show New York and it was AMAZING.  One could argue that I am a beauty enthusiast and they would be correct.  I am a budding MUA that loves to embrace new trends and products.  This year was no disappointment. There were some staple brands there which always bring me joy and then there were the new comers that help encourage me to try new things and push the boundaries.  Let’s jump right in to some of my favorites were: 

Charolette Tilbury- very hands on and happy to see this brand present.  It gave me an opportunity to test the textures and see the expanded color range.  As a professional in the field this luxury brand would not have been one that I routinely reach for.  After this show I will be sure to use it more. 

NYX Professional Makeup- As a New Yorker I have been looking forward to checking out their recently opened Union Square boutique.  Since I hadn’t made it there, the booth at the Makeup Show New York was amazing.  They brought almost every product include a LARGE range of the new drip foundation formula.  I must admit the coverage on this product is very impressive.  I was truly surprised.  Also the brow gel is easily giving my tried and true Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow a run for the money.  I was previously a fan of the NYX Lip Lingere so I snagged ALL of the shades available.  My non industry peeps will thank me this summer when they reach for a nude.  They’ve got plenty.  

AJ Crimson- the pro palette here is one of the best I have ever come across.  It was lovely to see the smooth skinned founder out encouraging his brand.  I also got a few replacements for my kit. My well used creams needed some rescuing.  I must also admit that I was rather impressed with the liquid lip color coverage.  I am still debating about this.  

While not a favorite I must give Frends Beauty a nod for consistency.  They ALWAYS have some items I haven’t been able to get my hands on.  This time around they did not disappoint.  I grabbed two MELT stacks that have been sold out for months online.  A few hit or miss items and some kit quickies makes me give them two thumbs up.  

Now for the misses…

MAC every year there is less and less product present and a strenuous review for membership into the pro program.  This year they provided you with a ticket to receive the pro discount if you left the trade show and made your way to the NYC Flatiron boutique.  All I can say is after a day at a trade show full of vendors and patrons I have no desire to travel to a brand’s boutique.  For me this was disappointing.  

Nigel Beauty also has a small stock of available product.  As a beauty warehouse their setup was more like a beauty speak easy.  Just too small for me. 

And finally for my desires……… I just want more independent, small brands to come out to the show.  I want to see Sugar Pill, Dose of Color, Sigma Brushes, Moni B, Colloured Raine and the like get a little more show presence.  

For the final thought, Yes, I will see you all at The Makeup Show New York in 2018.  There is still some thrill to these trade shows.  


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