The Makeup Show NYC

On Sunday, May 6, 2018 I attended the The Makeup Show NYC which was hosted by The Powder Group.  I have been attending this annual event for several years; this year featured more luxury brands.  I attended on a mission and I got a surprise.  For those of you on the makeup circuit there are some staple brands that are always available.  For the first time in NYC were Marc Jacobs BeautyHourglass Cosmetics and Pat McGrath Labs.  There was lastly a true stunner, the re-launch of the pro program from Stila Cosmetics.  With more luxury under one roof than I have ever seen anywhere I felt like my life had come full circle.  To anyone on the beauty scene, having the mother of beauty Pat McGrath Labs present made it a red carpet event for sure.  Hourglass brought its American based luxury presence to the party.  At Marc Jacobs Beauty it was more like a boutique experience.  The new shade of coconut dew drops was only available via online order (yes I did order the new, darker shade) was slightly disappointing.  Overall all I would say this continues to be one of my favorite events.  The pro only aspect continues to set this show above others.  Being among other professionals creates an opportunity for networking.  In addition to the amazing seminars from industry pros there is vision all around.

I plan to do a special post for the products that I snagged during my visit.  Stay tuned for my review of the Smith Folio (new smaller size).  This is a total game changer.  Travel just got easier.

As always, I give my unsolicited and unbiased opinion on yet another aspect of beauty.



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