Day 1 Blenders and Sponges

image.jpegI have been using the Beauty Blender for a very long time now.  Today’s trial was to introduce a few other sponges and see if I can be swayed from the tried and true.  I used the Ulta sponge (small size orange sponge) and the real techniques blender (large size orange sponge) in addition to my tried and true beauty blender.

First things first, I didn’t love the Ulta sponge.  It felt a little stiff and did not blend product enough for me even when used damp.  For someone with a relative petite hand this would likely have a good feel.  The pointy side and the flatter side were attractive for the multi-use possibilities.  I will continue to try this sponge to see if the material relaxes with use.  If it has a softer feel I might be swayed in its usefulness in my makeup bag.

As a first timer with the Real Techniques sponge if was amazingly effective.  The larger size was intimidating but the product design is spot on.  I was able to move easily in the corner of my eyes and around my face surface.  It also came in handy when cleaning up my eyebrows.  I will continue to use this.  When I have a beauty giveaway this will be one of the gifts.  Everyone that is serious about a flawless look should snatch this up.  The finish is flawless and smooth.  It is a great compliment to the original beauty blender but I suspect it will carve out its own niche in my makeup routine.






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